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The True Wish Wishbone will make one wish come true

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Creating a better world one wish at a time

The Magical True Wish Wishbone, the #1 bestseller, is the magical board game taking the internet by storm. Find out who will be the first to reach the Wish Castle and get their hands on The Magical True Wish Wishbone for a special wish.

The TrueWish Wishbone, Has Helped Many People Receive Their Deepest Wishes And Desires. From A New Job To A New Relationship And Everything In Between. Many Lives Have Been Transformed.

NOW, YOU TOO Can Use The True Wish Wishbone And Enjoy An Incredible Life Of Abundance, Health, Wealth, And Happiness.

Turn Your Wish Into Reality!

Be First To Get To The Castle and Win Big

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  • A. Open the game board and every player takes a playing piece.
    B. Each player gets a notepad
    C. Make sure that all the cards are in a stack facing down.
    D. Place the wishbone and 4 prizes on the castle on the board
    E. Roll (1) dice to see who goes first. Highest number goes first. Second highest goes second and so on.
    . 2-4 Players
    . Age: 14+

How To Play

1. All players start on START
2. First player, pick up a card and read it to self silently and write your answer down on the notepad.
3. Now read the question aloud.
4. Other players will try to answer the question, as fast as possible BUT BE CAUTIOUS, the player(s) can only answer the question ONCE! (You can change this rule to multiple answers.)*You can also add a timer if you want*
5a. whoever gets the correct answer, roll the dice and move their piece on the board.
5b. If no one gets it right, it's the next person's turn to draw a card. Place the card at the bottom of the deck.
5c. If two people answer it at the same time, then draw a new card.


(-: You can keep playing the game until 3 players get to the castle ... It's all up to you.)

7. Be the first to play and Win the game to get a special prize plus the Ultimate Grand Prize...The MAGICAL TRUE WISH WISHBONE to make a special wish.

8. Be first to play and lose .... still get a special prize :) Even when you lose you win!

9. Once the game is over, order more true wish wishbones or you can play again and again for bragging rights or just make up your own prizes. Have Fun!

Fun Starts Here.

Time to have fun and manifest your greatest wish.

Making A Wish

1- Hold the True Wish Wishbone in front of your heart with both hands. Think of one (1) wish in your mind.(*info in instruction)
2- NOW Sit in a comfortable position - Hold the True Wish Wishbone in front of your forehead with your left hand.
3- Close eyes very tight and say your wish out loud or silently in your heart for a specified amount of times.
4- Then snap the wishbone with both hands.
5- Save the pieces somewhere safe and watch your wish come true.
6- Throw the pieces away once your wish comes true.
7- If your wish doesn't come true within 90 days of snapping your wishbone, contact us to get your money back.
1. Your wish must be about something you really really really want. A true wish from your heart.
2. Your wish must be about something that you truly believe you can have.
3. Your wish must be about yourself.

Reviews & Testimonials

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"Great game! Great reward! It’s an all around win-win!" - Sabrina

"Definitely thought it was a hoax at first. But I actually got my wish within 6 weeks!" - Casey

"I got the game just for the wishbone and follow the instruction then 2 weeks after i snapped my wishbone, i got my wish, i was given an all paid one-week vacation to florida. I'm ordering a new game just for another wishbone." - Mary

"I just came to conclusion that family knows absolutely nothing about me. LOL. But we did have a good time:)." - Adrienne

"I was struggling finding love for the longest time. i felt like i was cursed. i heard about this True Wish Wishbone and thought it was the craziest idea in the world. i continued to read that if your wish doesn't come true, you could get your money back. so i don't really lose. A couple weeks after i broke my wishbone i had two great guys come my way and i've been in a healthy happy relationship since! believe in your wish and it'll come true. i swear by this." - Ashley .

"After being denied once I bought the wishbone game. I made a wish and I got quickly approved for my dream home!!! You have nothing to lose because it’s money back guarantee. Will be purchasing again to make more wishes." - James

"I simply bought one just for the wishbone and guess what...IT WORKED! I got the promotion I was looking for!."- Richard

"I must admit, i was very skeptical about this product, i have been unemployed and looking for work. i spent my last on this game, made my wish and before i know it, i'm getting job offers from everywhere. wow, i'm just amazed." - Junior

"I’ve ordered my wishbone only a few weeks ago and $3500 has come to me totally unexpected. You will love this, I know I do." - Brandon

"I bought the single wishbone just to test it out and prove that it doesn't work then to my surprise i went from 583k to 1 million subscribers within 3 weeks..amazing i tell you amazing. Thanks guys. I will definitely keep buying your wishbones"- King

"Me and my friends bought this for fun, but I won and wished to get back with my ex, and then a week or so later, HE ACTUALLY TEXTED ME!!We're not back yet but we're working on it"- Monica
NOTE: More research/study/testing is neccessary to determine if True Wish wishbone can be used to get partner back. As of now, you can only use true wish wishbone to make a wish about yourself.


The Perfect Fusion of Science And Spirituality

The tradition of breaking a bird's wishbone go all the way back to ancient times. Around 700 B.C.E.
The secret to The Wishbone's success is the combination of the wishone’s birch wood magical property of new beginnings by allowing new things to grow, the powerful medium of repetition accompanied with full force emotion, focus and body engagement which help arouse empowering beliefs, internalize feelings of the wish fulfilled, create new habits and behaviours while shrinking out blockages and directing the flow of focus and positive energy toward manifesting the wish.
The birch symbolises growth, stability, initiation, renewal, adaptability, rebirth, and new beginnings. It's a sacred tree and is known to have very positive influences.

This is your chance to own the world's first magical board game.

Great Gifts

Give The True Wish Wishbone Game To Friends As Birthday, Wedding Or Anniversary, Christmas, House Warming Gifts .


Play The True Wish Wishbone Game at Birthdays, Anniversaries, Baby Showers, Christmas, New Year, Easter Parties, Friends Or Family Gatherings.

Have Fun

Enjoy The True Wish Wishbone Game at Your Charity, Club Or Company's Fundraisers, Office Parties And Special Events.

What's in The Box?

1 Magical True Wish Wishbone
1 Game Board
4 Prizes
4 Game Pieces (red, blue, green. yellow)
1 Dice
1 Notepad
1 Pencil
72 Game Cards
1 Instruction Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

Click To Read Answers

What is True Wish Wishbone Game?

The True Wish Wishbone Game is an amazing game where you answer questions right about your friend and family so you can throw the dice and move across the board to get to the Wish Castle. The first person who gets to the Wish Castle wins the game and get the grand prize which is the Magical True Wish Wishbone.

What is the Magical True Wish Wishbone?

The Magical true Wish Wishbone is an energy wishbone intended to help you manifest your greatest wish so you can Enjoy An Incredible Life Of Abundance, Health, Wealth And Happiness. All true wish wishbones are hand-finished and go through a process of consecration before they are offered to the public.

The Magical true Wish Wishbone was divinely inspired and was created out of the desire to help make this world a happier place for it's inhabitants.

What are True Wish Wishbones made out of?

True Wish Wishbones are not from actual poultry, so all vegetarians and animal lovers can stay calm and order your True Wish Wishbones today. Our True Wish Wishbones are Proudly Made in the USA out of Baltic birch wood.

What if i don't want to play the game and only want to use the wishbone to make my wish?

You can buy wishbone refill separately for the True Wish Wishbone game.
You can buy the game and just use the wishbone. Many people buy the game solely for the wishbone.

Can i make a wish for a spouse or family member?

True wish wishbone has only been tested for self wishes.

What if i have many wishes?

You can buy as many true wish wishbone games as you want and use each wishbone for a different wish. or you can buy as many true wish wishbone refills as needed.

How do you know the wishbone works?

The true wish wishbones are energy wishbones that have been tested and proven to work by thousands of people for the past year before they are release to the general public.

Do you guarantee that my wish will come true?

We do not guarantee that your wish will come true...But if it doesn't work for you ... you don't have to pay for it.
If your wish does not come true within 90 days of snapping your true wish wishbone, contact us for your money back (less processing, shipping and handling).

Will it work for everybody?

We believe that most people who order will get their wishes.
The fact that you are here now, combined with the fact that you have chosen to read this far says a lot about you. - Not only does it set you apart from the vast majority, it also indicates that you are one of the chosen few

.Reasons why a few people may not get their wishes:
1. Not following the wishbone instructions correctly.
2. karmic lessons that needs to be resolved.
3. Extreme blockage that needs to be cleared.
4. karmic debt that needs to be repaid.

If your wish does not come true within 90 days of snapping your wishbone, contact us for your money back (less processing, shipping and handling fees).

Do you ship worldwide?

At the moment we only ship the True wish Wishbone Game to the USA.
However, If you would like to buy 10 or more wishbones or wishbone games, contact us, we may be able to arrange shipping to your country.

My wish come true - Now i want to make a donation to your company.

Many people who used true wish wishbone and their wishes came true asked for a way to donate to our company. By popular demand, we've added a thanksgiving/donation button. Click Here To view donation button.

What Type of Payment do you accept and is my payment secure?

We accept paypal and all major debit and credit cards.
Yes, All payments are 100% secure and securely processed using paypal or stripe which are fully PCI compliant meaning all your personal details are safe. The Site has a security system that uses the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security protocol which encrypts all data transmitted to and from our website.

Still have questions?

We love to hear from our customers, so if you have more questions, concerns, or sugestion, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly customer service support team.




    The First-Ever Wishbone designed to help make your wish come true or your money back. We believe that the True Wish Wishbone could help make your wish come true that if it doesn't work for you, we don't want your money just return it and get your money back.

    The TrueWish Wishbone, Has Helped Many People Receive Their Deepest Wishes And Desires. From A New Job To A New Relationship And Everything In Between. Many Lives Have Been Transformed.

    NOW, YOU TOO Can Use The TrueWish Wishbone And Enjoy An Incredible Life Of Abundance, Health, Wealth, And Happiness.

    Have Fun And Manifest Your Greatest Wish.

    The First-Ever Wishbone charged to help make your wish come true or your money back.

    If you’re still deciding that the True Wish Wishbone Game is right for you, Here's a guarantee to remove all risks from your decision:

    True Wish Wishbone Will Help Make Your Wish Come True, If It DOESN'T Your Investment Is Protected By A 90-Day Guarantee.

    Order Your True Wish Wishbone Game Today....Play The Game...Be the first to reach the Wish Castle...get the Wishbone (or buy a wishbone) and make a wish
    If you don't get your wish within 90 days. Get your money back.

    We believe that the True Wish Wishbone could help make your wish come true that if it doesn't work for you, you don't pay for it.

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